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MEDIA: "Derecho Aftermath: Food for Waynedale"

Updated: May 6, 2023

Fort Wayne's FOX 55 Kelsey Mannix learned about two food distribution efforts in response to those who lost power and subsequently their food reserves due to a Derecho that hit Fort Wayne.


Up the road from there, Wellspring Interfaith Social Services is also pitching in to help Waynedale.

They’re [Wellspring is] extending their food bank hours Thursday from 2-6 p.m. for people to pick up food.

Executive Director Melissa Rinehart said this fits right in with their mission to fight food insecurity.

“We have about a 143% increase [in food insecurity] to date from a year ago at the height of one of the waves of the pandemic,” she said. Though it’ll take a while for everything to return back to normal, Crane and Rinehart hope these gestures make an impact. “Every little bit, even if you would normally give 50 dollars to an organization like ours, five dollars is something that helps us,” Rinehart said.

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