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Low income individuals and families face many roadblocks when it comes to securing safe and affordable housing.

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  • A  lack of financial resources limits housing options from the  outset.

  • Pre-existing low stock of available housing.


  • Rent burden is overwhelming. Half of all renter households in the 46803, 46805 and 46808 zip codes spend between $500 to $999 every month on rent.


  • Mortgage burdens 1 out of 5 homeowners in every zip code in HD 82 where they're paying more than a ⅓ of their income toward their mortgages.


  • Evictions are problematic in Allen County with 8 to 9 occurring every day. Unfortunately, an eviction follows a person for life in Indiana. Where does one go once they’ve been evicted? The streets? Their vehicle? Couch surfing at a friend or family member's home?

  • Homelessness is becoming more complex and increasing as a result of the pandemic.


  • Support measures for increasing housing stock.


  • Strengthen tenant protections in Indiana. 

  • Explore different housing models for low-income tenants and homeowners.

  • Enhance wrap-around services to curb homelessness.


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