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Food Insecurity

Canned Food

In Allen County, 51,850 residents, or 15%,  
are food insecure. 

Food insecurity is a topic Melissa knows all too well. At the onset of the pandemic she increased Wellspring Interfaith's food distribution efforts in order to reach more people experiencing food insecurity - often for the first time.


She wrote about these efforts in 2020 here, and since then food insecurity has only increased. 

NO ONE should go to bed hungry in our community.


  • Create a tighter infrastructure for groups combatting food insecurity as it does with homelessness. 

  • Connect local food distributors and growers throughout Northeast Indiana with food insecure peoples. 

  • Increase SNAP benefits to those at greater risk of malnutrition including children and seniors.

  • Remove barriers for accessing food at the local, regional and state levels. 

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