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District 2

A unique blend of historic core neighborhoods, newer suburban growth, and varied commercial areas
on Fort Wayne's north side.


  • Population | 43,941

  • 59 neighborhood associations, including the city's largest - the Northside Neighborhood

  • Covers portions of both FWCS and NACS district boundaries

  • Home to Fort Wayne's largest employer - Parkview Health

  • Includes two of the region's largest higher education institutions - Purdue Fort Wayne and Ivy Tech Northeast


There are many opportunities to enhance quality of life and place
in District 2 in some key ways, includ

  • Infill Sites for New Housing

  • Rental Housing Affordability

  • Complete Neighborhoods

  • Future Growth & Development

  • Food Security 

  • Childcare Security

  • Transportation Options

  • Historic Districts


The maps in the slideshow below give helpful visuals on these issues and note the areas of opportunity throughout the city. 

Maps courtesy of the All in Allen Comprehensive Plan.  

Areas outlined in black denote Fort Wayne City Council District boundaries.

higher image map of the 2nd district.png
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